What Fashion Looks Should a Curvy Girl Avoid?

The fashion industry has a reputation of being unforgiving when it comes to plus size fashions when it pertains to what we should and shouldn't wear.  We've been told not to wear fitted dresses, not to wear horizontal strips and so on.   

Why should we restrict ourselves to wearing things that make us look and feel good?  Our mission is to promote body positivity in any shape, size, color or creed.  One blog that caught my eye was What Plus Size Should Not Wear by Petite Dressing.  Although I agree with some of the points the writer made, the blog suggests that plus size women should wear items of clothing to conceal parts of her body. 

What Fashion Looks Should a Curvy Girl Avoid?

Here at It's the Curves for Me, we believe that you should wear the clothes that make YOU feel good.  The clothes that express how you feel and how you want people to see you. That could be anything from horizontal stripes, tube tops, shorts, fitted dresses and more.  Do what looks and feels good to you.  Wear them confidently and be proud of the skin you're in.

Our store caters to curvy women sizes XL-4X (although we do stock smaller sizes as well).  

Wearing what looks good and feels good to you seems to elevate our confidence levels.  Why would anyone tell you to exclude certain looks that could very well be the healing powers your spirits needs?  

So sis, wear that two piece swimsuit, wear that halter top, wear those shorts and wear them proudly.  Don't allow anyone to tell you what you can't wear or restrict what you wear.  Follow us  on Instagram for even more fashion tips.  


  • Beverly Houston

    I love your clothes. Do you cater to “short curvey women”? I am 4’11 and curvey. Small bust, small waist, large hips. I’m afraid if I alter some of your clothes, I will lose the intended style. Any suggestions?

  • yippievibe

    Nice blog post. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tina Allen
    I need this orange 🍊 Dress as soon as it comes in please
    It’s the Curves for Me replied:
    Hi. I’m not sure which dress you were referring to and I do apologize for the delay. Please sign up for the Back in Stock notifications on any product you’re interested in and the app will notify you immediately.

  • Sylvia
    These clothes bring out the best in any woman of any size!

    I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next!
    This is beautiful!

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