Inclusivity Is The New Future In Fashion

Inclusivity is the new future in fashion

The Fashion industry, in every part of the world is known to set superlative fashion standards, undermining the concept of inclusivity to an extreme. This has set unrealistic beauty standards, which makes the world more judgmental rather than inclusive.

Traditionally, the plus sized, or what we refer to as the curvy size market is not what people have in mind when they think of trendy clothing, designs and cuts, instead it’s the opposite. You would find garments loosely designed to accommodate plus sized women, to disguise their figure covering them in drab fabrics and dull colors which makes it difficult to highlight their real body. We are An Inclusive Fashion Line Disregarding Unrealistic Beauty Standards and Airbrushed Perfection.

Inclusivity without any Air brushed perfection
My brand will broaden the horizon for the inclusive size market and trendy fashion, where it will be as easy for women with full, curvy body types to shop off the racks and find sexy, pleasing and glamorous clothing. I want to follow the actual definition of ‘inclusive’ where the sizing labels do not limit you to smaller sizes only, but accommodate larger sizes as well.

Our line offers a fun and fulfilling shopping experience for curvy women. 

What makes us different?

Our brand will promote an evolution in the fashion world and will present fashions to boost the customer’s confidence.  We offer fun cuts, patterns and personalization according our client's taste. 

Body Positivity

Social media and the fashion industry promotes a to look a certain look that is enhanced with airbrush. We promote body positivity and want to depict an actual representation to the women buying clothes, by showing that trendy clothes and designs along with bright colors, look just as good on curvy women.

We want the women’s curvy market to progress and succeed in the fashion industry equally.  

Our clothing line will not encourage people to transform themselves to fit in the unrealistic beauty standards criteria shown by social media or to fit into societal expectations but will promote the idea that all bodies and beautiful, dismantling the toxic beauty standards set.

Shop our collections and see for yourself!

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