Redefining Sexy as Body Positive

The Modern Western Culture emphasizes a different take on the importance of being sexy. But what does it mean? Is it a good thing? Is it only for the fit and thin? Does wanting to be "sexy" insecurity? Is it possible to simultaneously promote body positivity, self-love, and be sexy?

Building a brand that promotes fashion and body positivity is more of a self-expression and life inspiration. I'm always the tall and big girl. I've never been a size 6. For the past years, I know I'm never labeled as "Sexy." The definition of "sexy" has twisted up all these years. We made "sexy" into an ideal, something specific to strive for, a physical, material goal, and an unrealistic one. We made it something dirty, something you do to get attention, something that half of us do to fit in, and the other half sneer at the others for doing it. I was okay with it.

But as I grew wiser and empowered, I started reintroducing myself to the idea of being and feeling sexy. I've learned to shed many of those expectations and discovered that the meaning of “sexy" is when I'm simply happy, confident, and sure of myself. Sexy is no longer some outside thing I strive to be. It's something I'm finding within myself. Sexy is how you feel when you're "feelin' yourself." It's the power you emanate when you harness your sexual expression. Being sexy shouldn't be regarded as something crude. You don't need to act or look a certain way to be sexy. It's an individual expression and an individual experience. And in that way, no one can ever tell you that you aren't sexy. "Sexy" becomes something that anyone can be. It becomes something to celebrate, something we can lift each other.

Being and feeling sexy fits very well with body positivity and self-love. Embracing and nourishing a healthy lifestyle is a big part of learning to love oneself. As we continue to learn to appreciate our body more, it feels more like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, spreading your wings for the first time, and finding a new perspective.

We should no longer feel pressured to look a certain way to feel sexy. You got your makeup just right; your shirt is the right shape to hide your rolls, and your outfit is on point today, well, that's fun, and there's nothing wrong with that. Deciding to give up hating your body and releasing those toxic feelings allowed them to replace with confidence, self-appreciation, and a healthy sexual expression - well, I think that's what we all need to be shooting for!

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  • V.Marie

    The model is stunningly beautiful! Her skin is flawless. She’s glowing and the sexy pieces she’s wearing then, they definitely are not wearing her! #PrettyPretty #BlackDoNotCrack #BrownGirls #IAmNotMyHair #SexyBody

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